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With awe-inspiring landscapes,
fun filled activities, stunning cuisine and welcoming locals New Zealand boasts the extraordinary. 
Whether you're visiting for a few days or exploring for a few months,
Your World Travel Planning has the knowledge and experience to design and create your dream vacation. 

Your Expert in New Zealand Travel Planning 

Lorna Rose is an experienced and knowledgeable travel expert based in Auckland, with a passion for creating stress-free, memorable trips for visitors to New Zealand.

Share your preferences and ideas, then sit back and relax whilst your adventure to the Land of The Long White Cloud is created!

From quick and stress free  travel and accommodation bookings to in depth personalized itinerary's for groups. Lorna prides herself on creating bespoke travel experiences - from the initial consultation through to securing your reservation at an award winning restaurant.

Food & Wine 
If you have a passion for fine food and wine then you’re in for a treat! New Zealand cuisine is guaranteed to satisfy.
Blessed with its unique location, its diverse landscape means that an unusually wide variety of ingredients can be grown right here – so the majority of produce is locally grown, as fresh as you please!
With award winning vineyards and multicultural restaurants both islands offer a range of food and wine tours, interesting factory/farm visits and cooking schools. 
Rich Culture & Heritage  

New Zealand may be a young country, but the diverse wealth of Māori culture, performing arts, literature, museums and art galleries will leave even the most fervent arts and culture buffs completely satisfied. 

New Zealand's Māori culture is an integral part of Kiwi life and adds a unique, dynamic experience for visitors.  

You can experience their centuries-old traditions and rich culture through ceremonial rituals, re-enactments of history, powerful performance art and traditional Māori feasts, or simply come across the aspects that have filtered into everyday life here in modern New Zealand.

Iconic Middle Earth
After leaving the hustle of the cities in New Zealand it is completely obvious that this is Middle-earth!
With every quaint rolling green hill looking like The Shire.  Yes, Hobbiton is a real place! You can wander around the village, and even drink in the Green Dragon.
In the south island you can experience spectacular Lord of the Rings scenery across the grand mountains and forests. Fans might want to consider a Lord of the Rings tour to see some secret filming locations
Off the beaten track
With real local knowledge it is also a pleasure to create vacation itinerary's that are off the beaten, tourist track. 
Discover tiny, isolated beaches and hidden natural treasures. Stumble across fruit stalls selling delicious citrus fruits, or play a round of golf with the locals.
New Zealand is rich with hidden gems just waiting to be explored. 

New Zealand Travel Consultation

Book a complimentary consultation with Lorna at Your World 

Absolutely outstanding attention to detail in planning a complex trip for three generations. As others have said, so much thought was put into every recommendation and drew on significant local knowledge. THANK YOU for a great trip!

Brian George - Boston

Whether a luxury escape to celebrate a special anniversary or a 3 month self drive tour - every trip is a pleasure to research and book.
Designing an experience that not only makes people happy but also saves them time and stress is so rewarding.
'I love the process of planning travel, I’ve being doing it my whole life and now I get to do it for others.  There’s nothing quite like that first conversation with a client or the call or email I receive after they receive their final itinerary.'
Lorna Rose - Owner and Travel Expert

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